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Apple ID & iCloud Authentication Mess

The Apple User Interfaces for connecting newly updated Apple Devices are confounding. Say you have two macs and an iPhone or two… after upgrading the OS it needs another device already acknowledged as yours to approve things – it locks … Continue reading

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Australian Census 2016 & Secret Ballot at Risk

Secret Ballot Under Threat in Australia? The Price of Liberty may well be Eternal Vigilance – but surely there is no prospect of so dire an outcome here for we are not in Turkey or Syria? Well, think again. The … Continue reading

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Automatic Cruise Control Hurdle

25 KPH at Roadworks & Accidents? The legislation to require this instead of 40 KPH at roadworks and accidents may present a problem to innovative cruise control initiatives that automatically lower speed based on GPS keyed map & traffic data … Continue reading

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USA’s Phone Monitoring

With the swell of international revulsion re unreasonable NSA/PRISM privacy intrusion and even world leaders’ phones being monitored, I predict a push for hardware and massively parallel graphics processor based encryption and anonymised routing built into the next generation of … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 Sim Card Mayhem

I have just resolved with a workaround a frustrating iPhone 5 cellular data service glitch on returning to Australia and putting back my Telstra Post-Paid NanoSim Card after using an O2 prepaid one in Germany. I was getting an alert … Continue reading

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New Mac Lion Download Logistics

We have two Apple Mac computers with  different email addresses/appleIDs. The imminent downloads of the Lion 10.7 IOS to both machines would well and truly blow our ISP download budget (usually more than enough) – reducing speed to a crawl. Apple … Continue reading

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Consequences of The iCloud

This June 8th 2011, Apple Corporation announced a swag of exciting innovations in a widely distributed filmed presentation at the World Wide Developers Conference. The last of these was facilitation of a change in user storage strategies to keeping files, … Continue reading

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