New Mac Lion Download Logistics

We have two Apple Mac computers with  different email addresses/appleIDs.
The imminent downloads of the Lion 10.7 IOS to both machines would well and truly blow our ISP download budget (usually more than enough) – reducing speed to a crawl.

Apple Corp.: Could not updates be work-flowed via one machine somehow to avoid that? Alternatively, could not a soft-copy receipt/key be an app store purchase option that lets a nearby store down load to a USB key, say, for an arbitrary specified number of installs? Even one download would blow it for us this month. Many families out there will have multiple macs… Multiple purchase prices is not the issue at this price point  – just the download logistics!

An interesting side-bar to this quandary is how people should cope if they are overseas with a Macbook and are on Global Roaming or if available Internet Cafes limit data throughput? Their downloads could cost a fortune!

Perhaps it will be possible to copy the 4GB+ download or share it amongst us over our LAN before installing? I certainly hope so.

Flash: Apple [AAPL] will ship OS X Lion exclusively via the Mac App Store next month. The company has posted clarification that previous concerns are answered by news it will be possible to download OS X Lion from the Mac App Store just once in order to upgrade large numbers of Macs. Ref:


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