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Australian Census 2016 & Secret Ballot at Risk

Secret Ballot Under Threat in Australia? The Price of Liberty may well be Eternal Vigilance – but surely there is no prospect of so dire an outcome here for we are not in Turkey or Syria? Well, think again. The … Continue reading

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Effective Watch List Technology.

Watch List Resources? Given the failure of potential terrorist watch list protocols to prevent the recent Martin’s Place incident, what more might be done? Quite apart from metadata collection and collation, some form of automated video monitoring technology gives the … Continue reading

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Ebola Response

Australian Military have No Portable Isolation Capsules so could not Evacuate Australian Helpers sent to Ebola Crisis – Cases Doubling Each Four Weeks. With worldwide back orders, surely emergency manufacturing programs should be set up for more capsules and protective … Continue reading

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Ebola Readiness in Australia?

Ebola Readiness or Not? Julie Bishop has said that the Australian Government can not contribute medical teams to try to contain the outbreaks at source in Africa because we have no way of evacuating and treating any who might fall … Continue reading

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MH370 Passenger Compensation

MH370 Passenger Compensation is being beat up by some media pretending outrage at offers of $50K per Person. Years ago there was a convention arrived at as indemnity insurance threatened the viability of the entire airline industry and could have … Continue reading

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Burquas – Glassed Gallery in Parliament.

Does our parliament care so little about our kids that they would put those who wear such “threatening & confronting” attire in with school kids inside a soundproof glass encased gallery? We would not even hear their screams. “But they … Continue reading

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Protect Newsworthy Sites against ISIS/ISIL militants

Visit Berlin or Paris or Madrid and you see militarily armed protective services police outside important synagogues, cathedrals, and famous museums and sites. This should be happening in other Western nations like Australia while the terror alert level is this … Continue reading

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