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Effective Watch List Technology.

Watch List Resources? Given the failure of potential terrorist watch list protocols to prevent the recent Martin’s Place incident, what more might be done? Quite apart from metadata collection and collation, some form of automated video monitoring technology gives the … Continue reading

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Australian Foreign Fighters Legislation Excessive.

I share the community horror at the brutal terrorism exhibited by ISIS/ISIL including radicalised Australians there in northern Syria & Iraq but the proposed laws seem to me to be cracking an acorn with a sledgehammer. Neither I nor my … Continue reading

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Adelaide Crime Deterence Infrastructure.

Adelaide Crime Deterence Infrastructure. In response to a perceived increase in sexual assaults & violent attacks at night in Adelaide, there are calls to improve street lighting, cut back trees & shrubs, and put in more public spaces CCTV cameras. … Continue reading

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PayPal Chip Credit Cards.

My bank is issuing all new and replacement credit cards with an RF chip and PayPal enabled! They do NOT tell you in the accompanying letter that you need no longer enter your PIN for purchases under $35 when you … Continue reading

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