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Apple ID & iCloud Authentication Mess

The Apple User Interfaces for connecting newly updated Apple Devices are confounding. Say you have two macs and an iPhone or two… after upgrading the OS it needs another device already acknowledged as yours to approve things – it locks … Continue reading

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Bosch Washer Dryer Child Lock Problem

A Bosch Performance 1200 Washer-Dryer had the child-proof lock enabled. The key icon was flashing and all controls were disabled – they just caused a beep-beep no-go sound. You need to select the mode that was locked (for instance drying…), … Continue reading

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3D Printing Prosthetic Bones

Prosthesis Manufacture. Our rather old cat (estimated 17) has had carcinoma diagnosed in the lower left jaw-bone or mandible. I was shocked & horrified at a recommendation for surgical excision of the whole mandible on the effected side with nothing … Continue reading

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USA’s Phone Monitoring

With the swell of international revulsion re unreasonable NSA/PRISM privacy intrusion and even world leaders’ phones being monitored, I predict a push for hardware and massively parallel graphics processor based encryption and anonymised routing built into the next generation of … Continue reading

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Adelaide Railway Station Refit

I am always impressed with the way they do things in Germany. From their recycling culture to the way bicycle paths are organised as half the footpath rather than between parked cars & traffic as we do, and now a … Continue reading

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PVR Protocols Deficient

Using digital Programmable Video Recorders (PVR) in Australia can be frustrating. We used to have G codes embedded in the tramsmission that uniquely identified exact program start & stop times. Nowadays however they rely on broadcast Electronic Program Guides (EPG) … Continue reading

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3D TV in Australia

Last year there was a flurry of excitement in Australia as Avatar came out at the movies (grossing $2B), the broadcasters conducted a set of 3D transmission trials, football finals in 3D were publicized then actually broadcast, and the mega-stores … Continue reading

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