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Vehicle Refuel Contingency Idea

Adelaide South Australia experiences all too frequent electric power interruptions that have  knock on effects to important logistics such as traffic light operations, petrol pump operation at service stations, mobile and NBN dependant  fixed line phone operability, and life critical … Continue reading

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Automatic Cruise Control Hurdle

25 KPH at Roadworks & Accidents? The legislation to require this instead of 40 KPH at roadworks and accidents may present a problem to innovative cruise control initiatives that automatically lower speed based on GPS keyed map & traffic data … Continue reading

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Train & Truck Crash at Brisbane Level Crossing

The fact that the truck became stuck before the boom gates came down to me implies that the accident was technically preventable! Sensors to detect vehicles between boom gates would have made it feasible to inhibit the gates coming down … Continue reading

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Mobility Scooters Speed Limits or Automation?

A topic being canvased in the Media is that of slower speed limits for mobility scooters in shopping centers and main streets with shops and schools nearby. Why not first consider automatic acoustic/thermal sensor driven braking on gophers to slow … Continue reading

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Safer Bike Lanes

Adelaide is a city that has mostly flat terrain and consequently bicycle lanes are quite popular. However, unlike cities elsewhere that put them between the pedestrians and parking lane, in Adelaide they have put them between the cars parked at … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Ban Proposition

This might well cost lives! The proposition currently being floated in the media to totally ban all mobile phone use by the driver of a vehicle – even hands free – is flawed in its conception. For a start, we … Continue reading

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