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Deployable Power & Water

From time to time disasters destroy power and water infrastructure in various locations. Think Timor or even Haiti. What is more, new infrastructure in particular locations is sometimes superfluous when finally completed – consider desalination plants finished in time of … Continue reading

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Rego Labels Phased Out?

The South Australian Government has signaled that from mid-year 2011 vehicle registration labels will be a thing of the past. With number plate recognition software continually monitoring police car and fixed roadside cameras, they think they can save some money … Continue reading

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Higher Speed Limits – Autobahn Logic in Australia?

Sunrise Soapbox 19 Jan 2011: One safety expert from Mercedes Benz says speed limits for outside lanes could be raised to 140km/h to increase safety. Drivers spend less time behind the wheel and concentrate more and are therefore thought to … Continue reading

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Charge for Your Rainwater

I can see that draconian initiatives like charging farmers for rainwater in their own dams and tanks as proposed in South Australia have the potential to trigger widespread anger & resentment. People have invested capital in building their dams – … Continue reading

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Flood Lessons Learnt

Well, my concept of having a room on a pontoon in may not have been such a good one! Ferocious flash flood currents can rip them from their footings. Tethering and piles really need to be ‘over-engineered’ to cope with … Continue reading

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Apartment Living Euro-Style

When a decade ago I returned to Adelaide after living overseas in Dallas some years, I was initially pleased to see some apparently nice apartment buildings near the lower end of Rundle St.  I even investigated buying one however I … Continue reading

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Bushfires and Floods Sense

Either bushfires or floods on a terrifying scale – it seems of late to be either one or the other in Australia and they just seem to get worse. Of course this has been going on for thousands of years … Continue reading

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