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Tanzania Ferry Disaster

The latest capsize in the news killed over 200 on an overloaded vessel. As the shore was approached at the end of a trip, hundreds rushed to the same side destabilising the ferry’s balance. This will probably result in blame … Continue reading

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MH370 Passenger Compensation

MH370 Passenger Compensation is being beat up by some media pretending outrage at offers of $50K per Person. Years ago there was a convention arrived at as indemnity insurance threatened the viability of the entire airline industry and could have … Continue reading

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Adelaide Railway Station Refit

I am always impressed with the way they do things in Germany. From their recycling culture to the way bicycle paths are organised as half the footpath rather than between parked cars & traffic as we do, and now a … Continue reading

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Train & Truck Crash at Brisbane Level Crossing

The fact that the truck became stuck before the boom gates came down to me implies that the accident was technically preventable! Sensors to detect vehicles between boom gates would have made it feasible to inhibit the gates coming down … Continue reading

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The Great Unwashed.

The Great Unwashed. One City Sense coming under increasing assault of late is my sense of smell! Yesterday I had occasion to catch a bus home from the city and sat opposite a man who smelt as though he had … Continue reading

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