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Body Scans – Cancer Screening

Last night I attended a great public lecture given by Professor Nico Voelcker who joined the University of South Australia in 2012 as Professor of Chemistry and Materials Sciences within the Mawson Institute. He talked on the fabrication and surface … Continue reading

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Plain Packaging Nationalizing IP

The Australian Federal Government’s intention to have mandatory cigarette package plain packaging in place by year 2012’s end is again making the morning news. Now while I really dislike anybody smoking near me and think that it is fair enough … Continue reading

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Release of QF32 Book – Questions Raised

Having just read Capt. Richard de Crespigny’s new book on the dramatic QF32 events (and their handling) that unfolded on the 4th November 2010, I felt a need not only to compliment everything that he, his crew and complementary organisations … Continue reading

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Tax Reform

Tax Reform seems to be back on the SA Government’s agenda. I wonder if this time they will take into account equitable treatment of people near or past their later earning years? If you have already carried the burden of … Continue reading

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Trees Take Time

Trees Take Time Developers are pushing to cut down an avenue of cedar trees near the new oval – established trees some 75 years old. Doubtless they will find some arborist to assert they are beset by disease and a … Continue reading

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