Australian Census 2016 & Secret Ballot at Risk

Secret Ballot Under Threat in Australia?
The Price of Liberty may well be Eternal Vigilance – but surely there is no prospect of so dire an outcome here for we are not in Turkey or Syria? Well, think again.
The 2016 Census was this time organised as a principally online event notwithstanding that nothing online is anonymous anymore and yet the 1905 Census Act authorised the collection of anonymous statistical information only! Even if you requested a paper form, it arrived with your exact address pre-printed on it and a unique login code to enable unambiguous correlation with that address. Furthermore, it was publicly admitted that they would retain the associated individuals’ names for years and use those to cross-correlate to yet wider databases for an even more comprehensive data-set into the future! So why would the Government conspire to circumvent the clear intention of the legislation to limit the census to anonymous statistical information only – which is all that is needed for worthwhile useful purposes such as planning for schools, roads and similar infrastructure. Could it be that they are intending to achieve an Australia Card equivalent in the virtual world of linked databases – notwithstanding that being rejected by the electorate in 1987? Could it be that they would like to conduct future elections online just as they tried to do this census online? Just how secret or anonymous would our vote be then when you consider just how secret are our census submissions now?

You may wish to read the actual legislation yourself (esp. Section 9 & 10):


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