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Petrol in Blackouts

Australia & New Zealand have had more than their fair share of disasters of late that included extensive disruption to electricity supply. These days petrol bowsers are electrically powered so the question arises as to how people fill up during … Continue reading

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Proposed New Adelaide Hospital & Earthquakes

The terrible earthquakes in Christchurch NZ of late should make the SA Government think again about where and how they build their proposed new Royal Adelaide Hospital. The proposed site is right on a spur fault line that splits off … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Ban Proposition

This might well cost lives! The proposition currently being floated in the media to totally ban all mobile phone use by the driver of a vehicle – even hands free – is flawed in its conception. For a start, we … Continue reading

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Cyclone Initiatives

The approach of Cyclone Yasi, a Category Five, has made me think about what might be done better in preparation for such events. In cyclone prone areas, home bathrooms & toilets at least should need strengthened ceilings (say tech-screwed planks … Continue reading

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