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Pay for Householder Fibre Infrastructure when ADSL is Good Enough?

While most businesses and a few video download enthusiasts would be keen to get fibre-to-the-premises installed, most of us would not need it nor want to pay the serious costs of getting it installed in our home when ADSL2 is … Continue reading

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Centralised EU Visa Registry Proposal

Germany has made a proposal for a Centralised EU visa Registry. Registry proposed to check illegal immigration | Germany | DW.DE | 16.02.2013 http://www.dw.deGerman Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich is pushing for an EU-wide immigration registry. In return, visa requirements for … Continue reading

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Adelaide Railway Station Refit

I am always impressed with the way they do things in Germany. From their recycling culture to the way bicycle paths are organised as half the footpath rather than between parked cars & traffic as we do, and now a … Continue reading

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