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Beware of statewide pet control in South Australia

South Australian legislation on dog and cat ownership obligations apparently comes into force at the beginning of the financial year on July 1st. It includes requirements for such pets to be both desexed and microchipped on a state-wide basis. While … Continue reading

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Ebola Response

Australian Military have No Portable Isolation Capsules so could not Evacuate Australian Helpers sent to Ebola Crisis – Cases Doubling Each Four Weeks. With worldwide back orders, surely emergency manufacturing programs should be set up for more capsules and protective … Continue reading

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Ebola Readiness in Australia?

Ebola Readiness or Not? Julie Bishop has said that the Australian Government can not contribute medical teams to try to contain the outbreaks at source in Africa because we have no way of evacuating and treating any who might fall … Continue reading

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Missing Asylum Seeker Ship

Australia assessing refugees at sea Speculation is rife that a ship with Tamil asylum seekers bound for Australia and missing without communications since the weekend, has been intercepted by the RAN on the high seas with an alleged intent … Continue reading

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Art Crosses a Line

As an individual who has owned and loved horses, I find that the new Art Gallery of SA exhibit “We are all flesh” by Berliner De Bruyckere has crossed that line of acceptability being likely to offend and disgust. This … Continue reading

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