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Ebola Response

Australian Military have No Portable Isolation Capsules so could not Evacuate Australian Helpers sent to Ebola Crisis – Cases Doubling Each Four Weeks. With worldwide back orders, surely emergency manufacturing programs should be set up for more capsules and protective … Continue reading

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Cat Containment Push in Canberra

Cat Containment – a Political Correctness a Step Too Far! Ask any experienced pest controller and you will find that nearly every home in older suburbs have some rats in their ceiling or underfloor spaces. Cats keep their numbers down … Continue reading

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Ebola Readiness in Australia?

Ebola Readiness or Not? Julie Bishop has said that the Australian Government can not contribute medical teams to try to contain the outbreaks at source in Africa because we have no way of evacuating and treating any who might fall … Continue reading

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Bushfire Aftermath Lessons.

Bushfire Aftermath Lessons. The media are discussing the pain still felt a year after NSW bushfires took many homes. Two implications – (1) a financial one in that high risk area building codes push replacement costs well above insurance coverage … Continue reading

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MH370 Passenger Compensation

MH370 Passenger Compensation is being beat up by some media pretending outrage at offers of $50K per Person. Years ago there was a convention arrived at as indemnity insurance threatened the viability of the entire airline industry and could have … Continue reading

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Anti- ISIL air power

Logistics win and loose wars. Using such high value platforms & weapons in this way is not cost effective. Super hornets are to deal with high tech adversaries like advanced MIGs, SA11 missile launcher networks or warships – not pickups … Continue reading

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Burquas – Glassed Gallery in Parliament.

Does our parliament care so little about our kids that they would put those who wear such “threatening & confronting” attire in with school kids inside a soundproof glass encased gallery? We would not even hear their screams. “But they … Continue reading

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