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Tanzania Ferry Disaster

The latest capsize in the news killed over 200 on an overloaded vessel. As the shore was approached at the end of a trip, hundreds rushed to the same side destabilising the ferry’s balance. This will probably result in blame … Continue reading

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Beware of statewide pet control in South Australia

South Australian legislation on dog and cat ownership obligations apparently comes into force at the beginning of the financial year on July 1st. It includes requirements for such pets to be both desexed and microchipped on a state-wide basis. While … Continue reading

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Plastic Bags Ban

The ban on free plastic bags from shops, especially supermarkets, has had massive adverse consequences for the environment. Whereasbefore they offered biodegradable ones that mostly went to landfill, now they issue robust reusable versions that last forever and are often … Continue reading

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Vehicle Refuel Contingency Idea

Adelaide South Australia experiences all too frequent electric power interruptions that have  knock on effects to important logistics such as traffic light operations, petrol pump operation at service stations, mobile and NBN dependant  fixed line phone operability, and life critical … Continue reading

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2018 Adelaide South Australia Election Issues

These are the issues that most matter to me for the forthcoming state election in March 2018. 1. Street Lights in avenues need an extra lamp illuminating below tree canopies with especially dark often uneven footpaths. New lamps near street … Continue reading

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Dual Citizenship MP Issue

Australian Citizenship & Eligibility as MP When the Constitution was instituted, by an act of the Westminster Parliament, there was no concept of an Australian citizen – all Australians were deemed to be British Subjects and indeed even in 1947 … Continue reading

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Energy Crisis in Australia

Energy Crisis in AustraliaThe news networks are reporting a looming petroleum gas price rise of 60 % in the coming financial year. Electricity prices may double in consequence too. The Treasurer is warning the industry to not sell overseas at … Continue reading

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