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Biometric Security Initiatives in Australia

The new Australian Federal Government security initiatives give rise to some disquiet as to whether or not they are both technologically premature and also too heavily weighted against citizen’s civil right to liberty guaranteed by the judiciary. The use of … Continue reading

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Australian Census 2016 & Secret Ballot at Risk

Secret Ballot Under Threat in Australia? The Price of Liberty may well be Eternal Vigilance – but surely there is no prospect of so dire an outcome here for we are not in Turkey or Syria? Well, think again. The … Continue reading

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Real Reason Holden / General Motors Closing in Australia

Could it be that the impending free trade agreement between Australia & South Korea has brought down Holden (General Motors) in Australia? The currency hedge in local manufacture argument is negated when they can use factories in Korea instead with … Continue reading

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Gun Ownership – Cultural & National Influences

The Sandy Hook School Massacre in Newtown Connecticut in December 2012 in which 26 people, 20 of them young children, died at the hands of a single deranged gunman has again put the issue of automatic weapons in the hands … Continue reading

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Body Scans – Cancer Screening

Last night I attended a great public lecture given by Professor Nico Voelcker who joined the University of South Australia in 2012 as Professor of Chemistry and Materials Sciences within the Mawson Institute. He talked on the fabrication and surface … Continue reading

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Clean Energy Future – Questions

The Government of Australia has just announced a domestic carbon tax regime is being phased in from next July – albeit with a raft of compensations and transition to an ETS planned.  I do think something should be done that … Continue reading

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Higher Speed Limits – Autobahn Logic in Australia?

Sunrise Soapbox 19 Jan 2011: One safety expert from Mercedes Benz says speed limits for outside lanes could be raised to 140km/h to increase safety. Drivers spend less time behind the wheel and concentrate more and are therefore thought to … Continue reading

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