3D Printing Prosthetic Bones

Prosthesis Manufacture.
Our rather old cat (estimated 17) has had carcinoma diagnosed in the lower left jaw-bone or mandible. I was shocked & horrified at a recommendation for surgical excision of the whole mandible on the effected side with nothing to replace it. His quality of life is currently good and prospect of complications, tube feeding for weeks), the animal’s own psychological horror at his disfigurement, and prospect that the disease might even then persist, makes us lean towards palliative treatment only.

But this has got me thinking. We have prosthetic parts for knees & hips in people but nothing for animals – too expensive no doubt; but does it have to be? Could not a 3D printer, driven by CT or MRI digital data of the original bone, make a replacement cost-effectively? Whether porcelain, crushed bone, or hard plastic, a quickly milled exact replacement part would surely be preferable to a non functional void?


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Now live in Adelaide South Australia and have always worked in Systems & Software Engineering. I am enjoying commenting on, suggesting and discussing innovative solutions to problems and useful risk mitigation strategies and recently interested in the realm of public policy re urban planning & disasters - the focus of this blog. I am interested in technology, gadgetry, enhancing productivity & functionality, urban planning, military thinking and public policy. I enjoyed periods I spent in USA (Reston, Virginia Beach & Dallas) & Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy & Greece) but genuinely love Australia, most people, animals, singing, dancing & life.
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  1. It must be possible, mustn’t it? If there are no vets out there already doing this then they certainly should start.

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