MacOS Update Printer Hangup

Has upgrading your Apple Mac to MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 resulted in your printer hanging up? It seems that the upgrade includes a printer driver and or firmware update that causes an attempt to print failing with an error message:
stopped – filter failed
To fix this you need to get into System Preferences | Printers and Scanners.
The panel listing your printers has + and – buttons at its foot that let you add and remove printer drivers. Remove the existing one that is now misbehaving or simply reset the printer system to do so – a right click option. Then use the + to see the drivers available to you. Hopefully you will see one for your printer but it may have a different or longer name than it had before to make clear that it is a new version. Try it out – it worked for me. Other computers connected to the same wi-fi network and hence the same printer but that did not yet get the MacOS update may also have a problem that can be fixed the same way. I am assuming that the update on the first computer actually downloaded new firmware to the printer unbidden so the same fix up driver protocol works on the other mac computers!


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