Protect Newsworthy Sites against ISIS/ISIL militants

Visit Berlin or Paris or Madrid and you see militarily armed protective services police outside important synagogues, cathedrals, and famous museums and sites. This should be happening in other Western nations like Australia while the terror alert level is this high! Another initiative could be to institute 360 degree high definition (ideally 3D) recorded and monitored video surveillance at such sites so rapid reaction deployments and follow up is feasible should adverse events take place.


About adelaidepete

Now live in Adelaide South Australia and have always worked in Systems & Software Engineering. I am enjoying commenting on, suggesting and discussing innovative solutions to problems and useful risk mitigation strategies and recently interested in the realm of public policy re urban planning & disasters - the focus of this blog. I am interested in technology, gadgetry, enhancing productivity & functionality, urban planning, military thinking and public policy. I enjoyed periods I spent in USA (Reston, Virginia Beach & Dallas) & Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy & Greece) but genuinely love Australia, most people, animals, singing, dancing & life.
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