Centralised EU Visa Registry Proposal

Germany has made a proposal for a Centralised EU visa Registry.

Registry proposed to check illegal immigration | Germany | DW.DE | 16.02.2013 www.dw.deGerman Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich is pushing for an EU-wide immigration registry. In return, visa requirements for some countries could be lifted.

This makes sense, but as well, the burden of paying for the support and management of undocumented & unauthorised immigrants ought to be shared by the entire Union – not just the frontline states that intercept & sometimes rescue them. Given the relaxation in internal European borders and the cost of maintaining them, that makes good collective sense – especially now that those frontline states are under massive fiscal stress. At point of entry, the record of arrival & intent ought be captured in a collective EU database. Perhaps consideration ought be given to letting Switzerland be a voluntary participant too as that might be mutually beneficial to both that state and the EU as a whole.


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