Body Scans – Cancer Screening

Last night I attended a great public lecture given by Professor Nico Voelcker who joined the University of South Australia in 2012 as Professor of Chemistry and Materials Sciences within the Mawson Institute. He talked on the fabrication and surface modification of porous nano-materials for applications in biosensors, biochips, bio-materials and drug delivery.

Did you all know that the incidence of cancer, particularly prostate, is rising faster in Australia and New Zealand than elsewhere in the world? So too is Diabetes!

What is so different about our particular lifestyle, climate, diet, pathogens etc? About time a population study tried to identify causative agents…

I also raised another suggestion during questions that was well received:

It might be time to leverage a number of new technologies to institute a systematic population cancer screening program based on complete body scans that compared each subject’s scan with a similar one taken say a year or so earlier. Only a few years back, this concept was confounded by the fact that in the body there is always movement, vibration and normal change. These days however great strides have been made in stabilizing images to remove vibration, up-scaling, and all sorts of algorithmic processing to remove artifacts and the like. Why not try our hand at automatic comparative analysis of time-separated body scans of individuals to automatically flag possible new cancers? Technologies like PET scans and new nano-materials-based bio-imaging techniques could make cancer cells luminescent compared to surrounding healthy cells. Furthermore advances in storing and processing vast electronic files are making such exercises feasible at reasonable and rapidly reducing cost.


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