Trees Take Time

Trees Take Time
Developers are pushing to cut down an avenue of cedar trees near the new oval – established trees some 75 years old. Doubtless they will find some arborist to assert they are beset by disease and a danger to pedestrians (and the profitability of their planned car parking and new feeder paths) and promise to plant hundreds of saplings – almost certainly European plane trees – fashionable with developers as they cause less problems with their roots invading pipes and grow straight. Have you noticed how often established trees of numerous varieties are replaced with that one species in any public works project? The natural defence that diversity affords against a plague or pestilence wiping them all out in one go is lost; and it is a matter of when not if that might happen. A famous tree lined canal in France linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean took 12000 men decades to build beginning in 1666. It’s famous plane trees the length of that waterway are now being wiped out by a fungus that seems to have taken hold during World War 2. Anyway, the main point is that those cedar trees are in the here and now. We do not have to wait 75 years for them to grow from saplings; we can walk beneath them and enjoy their leafy shade in summer right now. Can I suggest that any new paths follow the existing track so as to not disturb the trees and any new drainage works for them use new materials like high density polyethylene that have heat sealed joins to defeat root invasion and that any new parking spaces are laid out in open meadows nearby or elsewhere – such as in the vertical space above train lines or even roads.


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Now live in Adelaide South Australia and have always worked in Systems & Software Engineering. I am enjoying commenting on, suggesting and discussing innovative solutions to problems and useful risk mitigation strategies and recently interested in the realm of public policy re urban planning & disasters - the focus of this blog. I am interested in technology, gadgetry, enhancing productivity & functionality, urban planning, military thinking and public policy. I enjoyed periods I spent in USA (Reston, Virginia Beach & Dallas) & Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy & Greece) but genuinely love Australia, most people, animals, singing, dancing & life.
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